It’s Peony season!

Much of the peony’s wedding cache derives from its stunning looks. It has a large, full head, jam-packed with ruffled petals that open up into (most often) a white or pink-hued cotton ball of a bloom. Other colours include coral, dark pink, white and cream, all with a subtle delicate fragrance a lasting and very pleasant reminder of your wedding day.

But an appreciation of peonies does come with a cost. Specifically, a higher price tag than other complementary wedding blooms like roses. It is mostly due to the fact that they are not flowers that bloom year-round.  The good news is that their size often means less blooms area needed to fulfil and order enabling brides to have some of these prized flowers in their bouquets and table centres. The main thing to remember is Peonies have a short season being May and June.  Please make sure you plan your wedding for these months to guarantee availability.

Though it is considered the anniversary flower for a couple’s 12th year of marriage, many brides seek out this precious posy for their wedding day as well. Since it is said to signify happiness and prosperity, is it any wonder how popular the peony is?

It is a great time to start planning your 2016 late Spring/early Summer wedding and whether you are looking for the New Forest, by the Bournemouth Coastline or deep into the countryside of Hampshire we would love to help you with your floral decorations.  It is always a good idea to use a dedicated wedding florist who has experience in all types of venue and different locations.

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